Spend less than you earn – eat less than you burn: Creative ways to lose weight

Going into the holiday season, it’s a good idea to preemptively get into shape since we are going to see lots of people and will have opportunities for lots of good food.

Weight management is like the opposite of  your budget and savings, To save  you have to spend less than you earn. To lose weight, you must eat less than you burn.  Here are some creative lifestyle changes that will not change your life and allow you to loose weight.

1) Order a glass of wine instead of a hoppy micro-brewed beer.

2) Water at meals instead of soda.

3) Salad/fruit substitution instead of  french fries.

4) Skip the candy bar: calculate how long it takes to run on a treadmill to burn off a fun sized bar.

5) Limit the snacks that are visible in your life, try to keep your home snack free.

6) Instead of melting a pound of bland cheese like mozzarella on your meal, sprinkle little bits of Parmesan or sharp cheddar or other flavor intense cheeses.

7) Cook at home during the week and save going out to dinner for weekends.



  1. Looks like I’m guilty of 1-6 lol But I like how find # 7 suitable in the list. Many of us simply rely on fastfoods and restaurants than doing home made meals. The good thing about cooking at home is that one may plan the whole diet and he/she can be sure that he/she is eating a healthy meal based on his/her cravings.
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  2. Another advantage of cooking at home is that you can exercise your creative talents in cooking – creativity in the kitchen leads to creativity in other areas – thanks Antonia
    David Goldstein recently posted..Looking into the SunMy Profile

    • I totally agree with you! I do love cooking even if I’m too busy with my daily activities. What I personally like about cooking at home is to be able to adjust based on what ingredients are present in my pantry and ref. That’s where my creativity comes out!
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  3. I would definitely go for your ways! I am trying to reduce my body on order to prepare for this coming season to eat as much as i like!