Does Your Life Come with a SOUNDTRACK?

Riverside Park

Do you pair music with exercising, driving, or creating? Seeking a new song to play on my iPod while running along Riverside Park, I tried New York State of Mind by Billy Joel. It’s a near match with references to the Hudson River and Riverside and will make a perfect pairing someday when my pace slows down. What perfect pairs have you come up with?

Sometimes music and venues are logical mates:  Gamelon +Bali or Buffet + the Islands, but other combinations like Patsy Cline + New Delhi,   or Jack Johnson + Borneo  are like peanut butter and bananas – meaningless to most people but stuck together for me.  You must have some unusual pairs joined by strange events too. Continuing to listen to Joel’s Greatest Hits, I heard Piano Man as I passed the train piers and Big Shot near the boat basin before turning around as Scenes from an Italian Restaurant played.  These songs carried me back to childhood summers listening to A.M. radio.  Does your life come with a soundtrack? Do you add new songs or do you continue to listen to your favorite 45s?

Songs bring back memories and jog our imagination and many people use music to set a mood and provide inspiration when they create. Music itself can be a compliment to a piece. Dance and film are linked to music but what about cooking or painting? When you play music while creating, did you ever consider linking the particular songs to what you make? Try playing the song during a meal you serve or while displaying a painting to set a mood and help others fully appreciate your intent?  Everything is better with the right music.

At the end of my run, my iPod suddenly became silent and dark. Using all the king’s horseman, I was unable to bring it back to life –  maybe Mr. Joel was right and the good really do die young.



  1. I absolutely have a soundtrack running with me in my life. Often it does change based on location and activity, but I also imagine, when I’m feeling funky, the Ray Charles rendition of “One Mint Julep” playing as I stroll along. It adds a coolness layer right on top of me!
    Patrick Ross recently posted..Creativity Tweets of the Week — 6/17/11My Profile

    • I have not heard of “One Mint Julep,” always seems to be more than one – Thanks you for commenting Patrick!

      Your short story, The Clear Monkey is one of the best I’ve read in a long time – really captures a time and place – very impressive! I don’t think it spoils the ending by saying it leaves the Rhinestone Cowboy playing in my head. Look forward to reading more of your writing.

  2. I’ve always been very influenced by music, and there are certain songs that take me back in time to a specific event as a child like a memory trigger. Air Supply is the awkwardness of middle school. bad hair, and bad dates. Simple Minds “Don’t You Forget About Me” would be senior year of high school. Music is a powerful thing. Feeling drab and unmotivated, the right song can swiftly change my mood and attitude. The music that does this is very diverse and I haven’t been able to pinpoint what it is. Example Jayz (I know I’m a huge fan..shocking) “On To The Next One” reminds me of checking my email ha ha but gets my blood pumping in a motivated way. Makes you feel like you can take on the world…and I can envision a really cool movie trailer. 🙂
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    • “Feeling drab and unmotivated, the right song can swiftly change my mood and attitude. ” I think is true for many people, but I wonder if some people are less changed by music and instead prefer to listen to something that reflects their mood.

      I have to admit I did not know Jay-Z and as an experiment, am adding “to the Next one” to my ipod and will wait and see what life events it attaches itself too. Thanks for your comments Melinda!
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  3. Well you’ve seen my post on this. It’s not just the stuff I wrote about though… Do I have a soundtrack for my life as such? Not really, not for my whole life, anyway. Certain points in it yes. What comes to mind though is how when I was younger I had music on all the time, it was a constant background and these days much of the music I hear is actually playing inside my head. I seem to have internalised so much music that it often goes on autoplay!

    Have you read Oliver Sacks recent book on music (Musicophilia) and the odd brain conditions people have associated with it? If not, I think you’d find it interesting.
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  4. I can’t survive a day without listening to a music. My favorite song for the day all depends on my mood so most of the time, I can really relate it from a particular experience I had in my life.
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  5. There are times when i feel like listening to new songs, and times when i get melancholic and want my old tracks back. That’s why my iPod has mixed albums, i never know what my mood will be. When i’m the car i sometimes listen to the radio, another need for randomness.
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  6. Sometimes. When i listen to love musics that i can relate especially in love life related.