Finding Courage to be Yourself from Looking at Flowers

Late to Bloom

Tulip Envy?

Jogging past the Boathouse, the XM radio app on my iphone lost its satellite signal so without music to escape into, I was forced to start paying attention to my actual environment.

Opening my eyes, the first thing I noticed were the flowering Magnolias in full bloom. As they grabbed the spotlight, I started thinking about the contrast with the other plants that were refusing to participate. The evergreens remained green as ever, the oaks barely sprouting any buds and many of the tulips were waiting their turn to be next.

Those purple buds won’t open before they’re ready and the inevitable truth is: they will never become red tulips like their flashy neighbors no matter how much they may want to or how hard they try. Similarly, our own power comes without comparing ourselves to others but instead from knowing ourselves – our uniqueness is our strength. After those red tulips have gone to seed, the purple blooms may have their day and we will too.

cenralparkcontrasttreesSMJust as the plants cycle, we develop in harmony with nature and we all shine at our own times – we can make contrasts without making a comparison. This is so important with different stages of creativity, as we  are developing our talents, trying new things,  sometimes we shine and other times we see others shining.

Just as I was thinking that nature reminds us to avoid comparing ourselves to others who may be in different stages of their life-cycle – at that moment a woman pushing twins in her stroller – jogged  past me as if I was  standing still. What differences do you have that you have found to be your unique super powers? or what are your favorite flowers?



  1. Lily of the Valley 🙂 And I can’t believe I haven’t been subscribed to your blog!!! Eegads! Now happily subscribed. Cheers! Kaarina
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  2. Thomas Epps says:


    That’s inspiration from a surprising source. I hope this creative mind thing is contagious.
    Meanwhile, it’s courageously back to churning out covers for timetables.

    “Almost all absurdity of conduct arises from the imitation of those whom we cannot resemble.”
    ― Samuel Johnson, The Rambler

    • You are right, inspiration comes from surprising places and creativity is contagious – even when making covers for timetables – thanks for commenting Tom!