Step Lively

Staten Island Ferry

Staten Island Ferry

Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges

Leaving our homes, crossing bridges or stepping onto a ferry, and we’re transported to another shore. Likewise, at times we must leave the world of creating to the somewhat distant land of displaying what we have made.

Sharing and promoting our work takes resources away from creating, however, the internet offers access to tailored audiences and makes viewing and ordering comfortable for our patrons.

Step lively onto the ferry is what I was recently thinking when leaving the shores of creating and launching my artwork online for sale at SAATCHI ART.

I’ll periodically make original paintings and affordable prints available. My artwork has international themes with the aim of connecting shapes to show beauty. I’m starting with a series from New York City including the Staten Island Ferry and the bridges that I’ve traveled many times. Please take a look and tell your friends who may be looking to fill a blank space on the wall.