Why would I want to read this?

This blog is not going to be about my breakfast or who I almost bumped into on the subway. CC shares practical ideas everyone can use to be more creative in life.

Is it only for artists?

Pipe cleaners and tissue paper are not required. Well beyond painting, photography and cooking, we can all use creativity to be more innovative. By making connections in the arts and relating them to the real world today, this forum uses some Elmer’s glue to paste together bits of psychology, history, and economics.  This collage provides practical new ways for all of us to see the world and can help us to make strategies for the future.

You make predictions – can you see into the future?

Sometimes the future is all I see.

How can I participate?

CC surely doesn’t have all the answers, and I envision this to be a forum for ideas where you can share as much or as little as you want. Please leave comments and if you want to be interviewed or make a guest post let me know.

How often will you update?

Every few weeks.

Why is creativity important to me?

You don’t have to be an artist or in advertising to benefit from being more creative. As the particles in our snow globe seem to stir at faster-and-faster rates, we’re all faced with unprecedented combinations of threats and opportunities. Being more creative allows us to be more competitive.

How is competiveness related to creativity?

That’s exactly the kind of question that is written about in CC.

What’s the real reason you are writing your blog?

I have often been accused of spending too much time reading and thinking. I’ve been asked many times over the years to write a blog to share my ideas and probably should have started while living in Asia. Now, I’m  getting my book ready for publication and writing a blog is a part of being an author.

What is your book about?

About 300 pages – oh, it’s about creativity and how everyone can be more creative in their own way by understanding their personality type. It’s Called: Creative You: Using Your Personality Type to Thrive

Is this what the blog is  about?

No, actually, through all my research, I am constantly bombarded by great ideas that don’t fit neatly into the book. This blog is all the great things that are unfit to print.

I heard that your co-author is famous in his field, is he part of this blog?

My good friend Otto is a brilliant, famous, best-selling author, but not directly part of this blog

How can I buy your book?

It will be available in bookstores everywhere and can be pre-ordered now on
Amazon or at Barnes and Noble
If you are interested in bulk-presales – let me know!

Where do you get the images?

All are original photos and paintings and so is the writing.

Can I share the information on this blog?

Yes, please tell you friends – the content is copyrighted, however, you can freely share this information as long as you attribute it to the author. CC: can mean carbon copy – so go ahead!