It wasn’t my idea to get back on the ice,
But I did my best and learned something nice.
In the back of the closet, found old skates hiding,
Fitted them over double socks for proper sizing.

Pulled up the laces, tugged and tied,
Fully expecting to take a graceful slide.
Instead, the lake wasn’t only frozen, so were my skills.
Which became evident from anyone watching and seeing my spills.
Wobbling, skidding, ankles bending, have I declined?
This looked nothing like the promo that played in my mind.

With each glide, the blood started to flow
Having some warmth my confidence started to grow
After the thaw, gone was my fright
With one of my left feet becoming right.

What skills do you want to thaw? We can somehow find the time, space, plus resources but an obstacle we don’t always think about is fear we won’t be any good. Be confident that when starting up again, we will be terrible. So don’t let that stand in your way, rough starts are perfectly natural and to be expected. With a little warming up, our skills quickly thaw and we again begin to flow.

Is there something that you used to enjoy that you’d like to revive? Do your best, expect a few spills, and start something new today by trying something old!