Just Five More Minutes

Back to School

In most of the world, when the water starts to feel warmer than the air, it’s a cue to the end of summer and children start to think about going back to school.  For many adults, that chronic “back to school” feeling we had in our stomach was cured the instant we received our diploma. But maybe that sickly feeling was a good thing. Maybe it signaled impeding changes and new challenges. Maybe it’s time to get that sickly feeling back!

Here’s a hint: the correct answer is C) Lifelong learning!  The questions are how do we remain competitive? How do we stay creative? How do we possibly use our mobile phones?

“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education,” described Mark Twain.  For most of us, our formal education was a one-way street where we had few choices and our learning was directed by our teachers.  “I began my education at a very early age – in fact, right after I left college,” described Winston Churchill.  As adults we can choose our direction by strolling down the many avenues for self-directed learning. We can learn to sail, play golf, edit a move, create pottery, or improve our public speaking through conferences, books, seminars, speaker series or the internet.  You can watch college courses on DVD, listen to podcasts during your commute, or take a continuing education course.  With such necessity to stay in the know – with so many choices of what to learn and so many ways to learn, we have no excuse, except maybe the dog ate my homework… again.

To keep our jobs, to remain creative, and to accurately set the time and date on our phones we must continually update our skills and knowledge.

What do you need to learn to do better work, make better decisions, and communicate better with those around you?  What new skills or subjects will you learn in September? Or what is your favorite excuse?



  1. I’m always in a perpetual state of learning. My next hurdle is learning PHP to fill in the choppy knowledge I have. To me that’s fun. What a difference it makes when you choose to learn something vs. required. Philosophy almost killed me in college.
    Melinda recently posted..My Bucket List and Life With RosieMy Profile

    • Something that many of us forget is that Learning what we choose is Fun! Thanks for pointing this out Melinda – and isn’t it great that some of us want to learn PHP (server-sided embeded HTML), while others are drawn to Philosophy. I don’t think anyone is interested in the philosophy of PHP.
      David Goldstein recently posted..Just Five More MinutesMy Profile

  2. I’m also always learning – and it never stops. I found school pretty useless (and it was not helped by my being off sick and missing a lot) and when I left school I went to a succession of colleges to try and catch up, but the way I’ve always learnt best is from teaching myself. That way I can go at my own pace and if there are any interruptions from ill health or emergencies or something else, I can resume where I left off later rather than having to miss lessons that have been set to someone else’s time table.

    My next things to learn are how to use a new photoscanner, and probably try to get my head around learning to use a new video-editing software that I’m hoping to get soon. There will be other things, too.

    How about you? What are you currently learning?
    Val recently posted..Look Here! Answers to my own questionsMy Profile

  3. You bring to light another important point Val – self directed learning is often self-paced. Sometimes we learn at different rates and sometimes we just are not there and things get out of sequence. Imagine reading a novel and on the nights when your not able to read, the book moves ahead. This is what traditional school often does if we miss a day.

    Video editing is a form of literacy that we all need to learn – and its fun!

    thanks for asking! I should have included in my post what I’m learning. Most falls into the category of improving communications. I’m taking a course in media training this month, have been part of a public speaking group, my watercolor class starts again in a few days (communicating with pictures) Also, I’ve been learning to use twitter and I’m continuously learning to be a better writer. Every day, I’m learning to be a better dad.

    That’s the short list and does not include all of the topics I’m learning about for the book I’m researching that includes everything from neuroscience to spirituality (they may be similar)
    David Goldstein recently posted..Just Five More MinutesMy Profile

  4. Enjoyed the memory of the “sick feeling” I got when it was time to start school. That same feeling comes for me know when there is a big hurdle to jump and usually, post sick feeling, you realize you just went through a growth spurt. Too much and too long of a comfort zone usually leads to lack of progression.

    To stay creative; remain in the forefront of what you do. Get out and talk to folks, notice change, notice trends and apply them to what you’re doing. Don’t mimic but enhance and add-to. Also surround yourself with capable folks who you can share ideas with and learn from.
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  5. Good point Jacob – we should realize the sick feeling as actually something good. – Somehow we all got ahead our own evolutionary biology.

    Being in China, you are on the forefront of rapid change! All great suggestions for everyone to stay creative! Don’t mimic is a big one that is often overlooked by people who try to copy a leader only to become a follower. Thanks for sharing again!
    David Goldstein recently posted..Just Five More MinutesMy Profile

  6. LOL! I like your title..”Just five more minutes” because when the clock rings to wake me up ,It makes me think just 5five more minutes.,,haha,,thats would be all..

  7. Hi David,

    When i started reading your article i first thought you’re talking about the 5 more minutes i used to ask God to let me sleep before going to school. lol
    Well, Mark Twain was right, we shouldn’t confuse school with education. School gives us knowledge, but that’s all.
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  8. learning something what we are really interested in is definitely fun! it makes you inspired to do things you love.

  9. Thanks for reading and for sharing your comments Hanna, Richard and Laura!
    David Goldstein recently posted..Just Five More MinutesMy Profile

  10. Thanks for sharing this post, I strongly believe that life is a continuous learning process. You should not stop learning even if after September.

  11. Gabrielle says:

    Hi David,
    I agree, learning what you really love the most is fun. But sometimes we should be open to some other things that might help us. Learning is exploring and while you exploring things you gain knowledge that you might share to others. Thanks for this post

  12. i like this quote – “Genius is 1% talent and 99% percent hard work.” – Albert Einstein

  13. I love this post! This is very strong To keep our jobs, to remain creative, and to accurately set the time and date on our phones we must continually update our skills and knowledge. That’s true.