Running against the RACE FOR THE CURE

River runs pink

What risks do you assume when you’re going against the norms? How does it make you feel?

During a short visit to Portland, Oregon last weekend, I decided to defy the time zone difference and stay on Eastern Standard Time by following Ben Franklin’s advice: “early to bed, early to rise.”  Staying downtown, I went for a quiet run along the river each morning to mentally prepare for my meetings.  Because of the light drizzle early Sunday, I expected deserted streets and was surprised to find police activity and thousands of people about.

My route happened to take me toward the starting line of the RACE FOR THE CURE. This yearly event has special meaning for many, what does it mean to you?  Hoards of mostly women wearing pink were walking in the same direction I was jogging. Although it could have been my imagination, I felt their approval and solidarity as I ran in the direction

Race For The Cure

of the registration booths; after all, I do support the cause.    My route took me under their pink balloon arch as I turned left along the river. At that moment I realized turning left wasn’t perceived to be right, and  I was running into the wind.

It could have been my imagination again, but now I felt hundreds of passing women’s disapproval as I ran in the opposite direction of the startling line without a pink number attached to my clothing. Have you ever had an experience like this of going against the norm?

Often when we are creatively inspired and making something new we are headed into the wind. This does not mean we are against the crowd but instead motivated by individual ideals. Courage to be different comes through believing in yourself.  What do you think?




  1. Going with the crowd can help you get a decent place in society, get accepted.
    Running against the wind can help you get a place ahead, just a tad higher. Because only the people that have the courage to do it are leader material.
    I do it almost every day, but i’m used to people looking down on me.
    Richard recently posted..What Type of Paint can be used with Paint Zoom?My Profile

  2. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts Richard! I think you are right that it “takes getting used to” to be confident in doing something without popular approval and sometimes even with disapproval.
    David Goldstein recently posted..Running against the RACE FOR THE CUREMy Profile

  3. Not everybody have the courage to be different, to think different and sometimes they are constrained to think just like the crowd to be accepted. Is proof of courage and just the strong people who really believe in themselves can do it.
    Josh recently posted..I’ve been using Ab Circle Pro for a little over a month and have already lost 8 pounds and 2 inches in my waistMy Profile

  4. Thanks for your comments Josh! I agree with you and also believe that everyone can learn to have confidences to be different, at least in certain domains. The first step is to be aware of our choices.
    David Goldstein recently posted..Running against the RACE FOR THE CUREMy Profile

  5. Well, of course yes. Not just the exact situation, but metaphorical ones too, when you take a decision based only on the approval of your inner conscience that says that you are right, even when the whole world is saying you are not.
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  6. This is really amazing! Race like this should really be given some attention.. Thanks for the share!

  7. Courage to be different comes through believing in yourself and for me that’s true. Sometimes, I used to think that what if I’m also working in a company, would my life be much easier like my friends? Would the stability of earning, like getting payday check monthly, make me contented? Or will I still enjoy the challenge of being freelancer. Though I’m happy with what I’m doing right now, I can’t help but think my life if I pushed my professional career after graduating college. This happens everytime I’m feeling down with my situation. Anyway, I don’t need to be one of them to be somebody. What give me college to believe in myself are my learning experiences. I can say that I become a better person now compared to any individual.
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  8. thanks for commenting Greg – Glad things are going well now – Its important to remember that things cycle up and down and the grass is not always as green as it appears on the other side. Sounds like you have courage to set your own path!
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  9. This looks like a great race.. Hope we have a race like this here.. Thanks for sharing!

  10. participating on this kind of cause will really help you for yourself to be motivated and at the same time help the cure to have directions for them to hope again.