Oceans of Creativity: Are there Limits?

Cloudy days end with spectacular sunsets

Giving the impression that our oceans are limitless, we see waves roll endlessly into shore. World Ocean Day today reminds us that our limited resource affects our climate and food supply. Have you noticed that your creativity at times seems limitless but other times feels bounded.


“To myself I am only a child playing on the beach, while vast oceans of truth lie undiscovered before me,” described Sir Isaac Newton.

Newtons First Law says: “Energy can be neither created nor destroyed. It can only change forms.” Does this apply to creative energy too?

By exercising your creative talents; do you generate more capacity to create? It seems that people who create often have diverse interests and create in many different fields.

Do you find that on days spent sitting on a plane or in front of a computer, energy gets stored up and afterwards, you have the urge to do some exercise. Likewise on active days, an evening jog is the last thing you need. Similarly, on days full of routine tasks, do you feel more creative at night? And after a full day of solving interpersonal problems, and being innovative, do you have any creative sparks left to light the evening?

After a long time paddling through the waves, you get stronger but also at some point get tired. What do you think, does being creative bring more creativity? And are there limits? How can we sustain our oceans? And how do you sustain your creativity?



  1. I have yet to find any correlation in a busy day vs. a relaxing day vs. physically tiring day and the level of creativity I’m at, but I probably have never really thought about it in that way. Interesting. I’m going to pay more attention.
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  2. I have noticed on routine days, I have more creative energy to expend painting or writing in the evening – but it could be just me. My post poses more questions than answers this time and I’m interested in your observation. Thanks for your comment Melinda!
    David Goldstein recently posted..Oceans of Creativity: Are there Limits?My Profile

  3. Came over to visit “the moth maker” from CED. Love the art pieces you have sliding at the top – esp the bus/trolley! I think creative makes creative. As a full time artist I create. When I relax I create. There isn’t really a boundary because if I tire of one batch of creating then I skip over to another (yes, I have several business related art types for streams of income). My favorite way to relax – which really makes the time fly and me stay up waaaaay beyond my bedtime- is artjournaling. Since I’ve discovered it, my other work has morphed. It’s all becoming mixed media now! About our oceans – we know they aren’t boundless. I live on the Chesapeake Bay. I can tell you that human “me first” has killed much of it. Pretty soon it will be a mudpuddle. But lots of people are making lots of money saying they’re “saving it” while protecting the very people who are killing it. Such is the world. We save tiny pieces one at a time and hope that eventually there will be enough of us that the pieces will connect and there will be shift.

    • Good suggestion that when you tire of one type of creative activity – move to another. All of our experiences have a cumulative effect on what we are creating today and we bring ideas from one media to another. I see you are doing all kinds of art, video, collage – I have not tried artjournaling but it sound fun.It looks like you help others to be inspired too and that’s great! Thanks for sharing your experiences Tammy!

      Your Bay is a unique place that I hope to spend more time there someday. One of my favorite books is
      Chesapeake by James Michener – I hope things can be preserved, as you said at least in pockets so that they can eventually spread again.
      David Goldstein recently posted..Oceans of Creativity: Are there Limits?My Profile

  4. Actually, limitations were not created to set the things you may possibly do. You can always go beyond any limitations. It is just up to you. There are risks but still you can conquer them.
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  5. I don’t think of energy as being stored up. My take on it is that energy is continuously flowing. And here comes the “change forms” part, you can either use it to watch TV, or use it to clean the house, work online, etc. making a choice in what form you want it to take waste it or put it to good use.
    The storing feeling we get is just the body recovering after some tiresome activity, don’t really see it as energy.
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  6. Its a great discussion! I believe that oceans creativity is not controlled except nature. And as energy is being discussed, the point is you can limit any situation if you say so, but in the half way, you could not.